Your Sessions

Sue Trevelyan Relationship and Couple Counsellor Shropshire
Sue Trevelyan Relationship and Couple Counsellor Shropshire

These last approximately one hour, and take place in a confidential setting. I will set out the rule of confidentiality, which is that all the information and conversation in the sessions will not be disclosed to any other party unless danger to yourself, your partner or another party emerges. This is a requirement by all counselling rules, including the ethical code of the BACP of which I am an accredited member, and which I am bound by.

I will also ask you your address(es) and confirm your contact details, and ask for some basic information as the need arises, but otherwise the session is there for you to use as you wish. Towards the end we usually discuss the next meeting if wished, flag up important issues, and find a focus for the next week if that is felt to be useful. Often the same ground will be gone over again, but changes emerge.

The process is gentle and careful. Feelings on the other hand can be strong and that is good. Events and feelings are all included in the talking and change comes about through this sharing. Feeling stuck is not the end of the story!

When you end your sessions, you may feel you have reached a ‘bus stop’, it is time to get off. You can come back and catch the bus again. The process starts with that first move.

You will know how you feel, how things are going, and what you want to do next.