My Practice

My practice draws on the systemic, psychodynamic and integrative thinking of many well known and respected practitioners, writers and thinkers. I value the spiritual practice of many traditions. The language of professionals in the field is diverse, and though I have studied several schools of thought, I use everyday language and welcome each individual’s way of thinking, feeling and talking. I try to be alert to people feeling stuck and awkward, to the hurt caused by negative thoughts and behaviour and aim to think together with you about the reasons for unwelcome behaviour and how to make changes which are not just superficial. ‘Telling it how it is’ is a helpful guide. There is no need to pretend things are better than they are. ‘Scripts’– describing how conversations tend to go, how to change your particular ‘script’ (just as in a television drama or play) and see how that feels for you and your partner.

Sue Trevelyan Relationship and Couple Counsellor Shropshire

We often learn ways of carrying on from our earliest years and often it is useful to know this especially if they are unhelpful. How to speak out more, (or less!) may be useful strategies. Change is difficult. I will always work with you in the ‘here and now’ even if the difficulty stems from long ago. All concerns are relevant, however seeming vague or insignificant.

I underline that your information and your sessions are confidential with the exception of any harm to yourselves or another person coming to light. I have supervisory meetings with qualified practitioners, a requirement of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists), and am bound by the BACP code of ethics which you can find on the BACP website. I reserve the right not to work with a client if I feel it is inappropriate and clients have of course a reciprocal right.